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Advisory Firms

Strategic Sustainable Growth

1. Acquisition Introductions 

We help clients accelerate growth by formally searching for, and opportunistically introducing, suitable transactions matched to strategic goals. These are brought to clients through our

  • real-time knowledge of emerging opportunities prior to market awareness

  • impeccable understanding of value, benchmarked on many thousands of hours of leadership analysis, interviews and comparison

  • ​trusted personal relationships with senior leaders of acquisition targets.

We provide the following services to our clients:


1. Acquisition Introductions

2. Executive Leadership Placements

3. Practice Build-Outs & Team Lifts 

Acquisition Introductions

2. Executive Leadership Placements

We find stellar partners and managing directors for management consulting and professional services firms to lead global regions and scale growth and revenues. 

Our executive leadership candidates are

  • pedigree partners/managing directors, with 10+ year track records of excellence

  • drivers of $MM annual revenues - scaling and managing high-performing teams and maintaining personal client work at C-level with F100 clients 

  • known thought leaders and innovators with global impact

  • highly motivated and value-aligned on the business value of sustainability and a desire to drive impact at scale.

Executive Leadership Placements

 3. Practice Build-Outs & Team Lifts 

We build out practices under senior leaders, with industry sector rainmakers, relevant service offerings and necessary support staff. 

  • Carve-outs or team lifts allow growth without the cost, complexities, time-lag or deal risk of a formal acquisition.

  • Unparalleled access to leadership prior to formal moves gives our clients inside track on such opportunities.

  • Opportunities are provided prior to formal, market-wide auctions, usually saving clients millions of dollars.

  • We recruit each individual within a team in a silo-ed manner, insulating both executives and client, to the greatest extent possible, from solicitation litigation risk.


We serve 60% of the globe's top 5 management consultancies, as well as several of the world's fastest growing advisory firms.

Practice Build-Outs & Team Lifts 
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