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Case Studies

Professional Services Firm 

Practice Leader

In response to a leading consulting firm's urgent need to hire a US practice leader we provided a slate of 9 stellar candidates from leading strategy firms, management consultancies and boutique-founding entrepreneurs. The lead candidate had scaled a global region from scratch to $60M in sustainability revenues, with 150FTEs/400PTEs and >$200M wider business. 

Under our candidate's leadership the sustainability practice doubled revenue/consultant and exceeded ‘golden’ annual revenue targets.

Our candidate was recruited as a priority hire based on his combination of pedigree strategy consulting, subject matter expertise in sustainability, extensive ELT level transformation work, and a proven track-record of repeat >$1-2M engagements with Fortune 500 clients. 

A significant performance uplift was delivered by the newly appointed leader, transitioning the practice from selling median $50K transactional reporting engagements to median $350-500K initial strategic advisory and relationship building engagements, - with multi-year repeats, several >$1-2M size contracts and cumulative $MM long-term engagements, while at the same time increasing the entry and/or up-sell point with clients to C-suite/ELT. Under our candidate's leadership the sustainability practice doubled revenue/consultant and exceeded ‘golden’ annual revenue targets.

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