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Case Studies

Private-Equity Backed, Fast-Growth, Technology Firm

ESG New Business Unit, Lead Partner

Seeking to capitalize on increasing investor and financial market concerns with ESG materiality, our client commissioned us to find a leader to build a new business unit focused on ESG and private-equity transactions.

"We are thrilled with the candidate that you brought us. His reputation as an industry leader builds on our credibility and ambitions to become the leading global consulting firm operating in this area.” 


The new unit was to include bespoke advisory with an ESG fintech software offering. The role required a leader with strong PE relationships, ESG transaction experience, the ability to develop and sell the tool, and to build a sales team and distribution channel.


The leader we recruited had deep, long-term relationships with some of the world’s top private equity firms (KKR, TPG and Carlyle), as well as the requisite transactional, ESG and tech skillsets.


With a track-record of loyal clients successfully ported in previous moves, he was able to develop and bring a new high value offering to those clients,  without breaching non-compete / solicitation restrictions, fast-tracking our client's growth.


Those PE firms in turn were offered the potential to reliably de-risk transactions, increasing exit values and salability, as well as to systematically run ESG driven operational improvements throughout portfolios, increasing EBITDA and valuations, again driving up exit price and return.

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