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Case Studies

Global 100, Basic Materials

ESG Carve-Out / Team Lift

Having identified significant end-of-value-chain interest in the ESG attributes, traceability and accountability of materials within supply chains (Walmart, their tier 1 suppliers, and similar), our global top two basic materials and chemicals client saw a strategic opportunity to grow a significant new business.

"I want to express my sincerest thanks to your firm for presenting and helping us to convert this opportunity."

Working for the Global Head of Strategy, Growth and Transactions, we sought a $50-$250M size acquisition to create a big-data driven, supply chain, tech / advisory offering. We identified a $75M global prospect and worked with the Chairman of the Board and senior leadership of the target to smooth preliminary introductions prior to formal transactional negotiations between appointed registered representatives.

When the parties couldn’t find sufficient common ground to progress, we swiftly found an alternative carve-out / team lift opportunity for the target's North American advisory arm, which eventually suited the source firm as they were pivoting from advisory to pure software.

This accelerated growth for another of our clients - a 2 year old, fast-growth, European advisory firm with global ambitions and a roll-up strategy (scaled to $30M revenues from scratch in the first 2 years) - seeking to penetrate North American markets.

The successful team lift of 12 was achieved without litigation or acquisition cost, saving our client several million dollars, preserving both pre-existing client relationships and a cooperative, ongoing partnership with the source firm.

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